Omegabyte Networks
Dedicated Private Cloud

Powered by OpenStack and
the Nebula One Controller

A New Way for Network Administrators, IT Managers and CIOs to Sleep Soundly.

The Omegabyte Networks Dedicated Private Cloud with the Nebula One controller is a private, turnkey storage and computation solution all in the same dedicated stack. It’s safe, it’s easy to configure, it scales up and down effortlessly, it reduces costs, eliminates shadow IT and it comes with free training, and 24/7 high level maintenance and service. It offers something else that adds to your peace of mind: you know exactly where it is and what’s on it. And you control the access.

At Omegabyte Networks, we like to think that when we are really doing our jobs right, you hardly notice we are there. From managing the real estate, the power, the cooling, to access, to security, to cost controls, to concierge style service and fast response time to reconfigurations


  • PayPal
  • NASA
  • Best Buy
  • parc

  • Seagate
  • Argonne
  • CERN
  • Comcast
“With our OpenStack cloud, we’ve been able to offer physicists the resources they need to analyze and model data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).” Tim Bell, Manager, Infrastructure Services, CERN